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MotoAmerica race weekend at Lagua Seca!

Started by GreenMachine, July 08, 2021, 04:19:09 PM

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Three sets of us are going, some are already there.  I'm joining RenoRider75 and his wife there, as we did last year.  We're all vaccinated, so according to event regulations, for us, masks are optional.  Unvaccinated are required to wear masks once inside the track gates.

Riding CA-1 on Friday.  Bike Night that evening will be on Canary Row, assuming that's still going to happen.  If so, I'm ditching the bike and hitting up the Aquarium.  Haven't been there in over a year.  RR75 has his sportbike there too, so we'll be riding in and out from the coast for at least two nights.  Dragon and 22Slow will be there too, but probably not until late on Friday night, I imagine.

It'll be over before we know it.  Best get started ASAP!

It's about taking in the most corners to your destination, not about the shortest, quickest route.


RR75 and I rode hwy 1 on Friday down to Gorda, just shy of Ragged Point.  We made frequent stops to see what we couldn't see from the road.  Got the full experience of riding a sportbike at sea-level.  How intoxicating is that?!   :laughing 

We already had plans to eat BBQ back at the track, but changed it up a little by calling in our order once we made it back to Carmel.  Food was ready by the time we pulled back in.  Thank you Mrs. RR75!! 

Later we ventured down to Canary Row to see if Bike Night was going, but not officially.  While the track was full, Canary Row wasn't so much.  At least, not like past years.  I've never really been able to tap into what the official Bike Night schedule is for down there.  Some figured it must be just for one night, Saturday.

We spent most of the day on Saturday at the track and never made it back out to see if there was a Bike Night at all, instead partaking in a parade lap for RR75 and me heading over to visit A Dragon and 22Slow.

By Sunday, I was anticipating some drama, as was customary in years past (long story), but there wasn't any with RR75 and the Mrs., just even keeled hospitality and good times and memories.
:cheers :respect

I'll post pictures later.
It's about taking in the most corners to your destination, not about the shortest, quickest route.