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Three or more of us riding today. Meeting at Virginia Highway Maverick

Started by GreenMachine, February 13, 2022, 08:58:45 AM

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See previous rides schedules for location.  C-pace.  Just to put some miles on the bike and scrub the rust off the riding skills.

KSU 11:00 AM.  I'll be a few minutes early for a brief ride up to the lookout, before heading down to meet others.  There may be a fourth or fifth.

Route today is to head north, then east out to USA Parkway.  Come in the back side of VC, 6-mile canyon, then down the truck route.  We'll gas up at the CC Costco and pick up food there, which we'll stop and eat at one of the lookouts online east shore Lake Tahoe.

Come one, come all!
It's about taking in the most corners to your destination, not about the shortest, quickest route.


Yo. G, That was an awesome ride on Sunday,  Think we'll have to head out again on the 13th if it's going to be warm again.  I liked doing Diamond Valley road.  It felt like we were really out of town.
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