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A little snippet of AFM action

Started by dub, July 30, 2018, 02:45:30 PM

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This is the most exciting footage I got out of last race weekend.

Rodrigo Arrazola passes me down the back straight but out-brakes himself into 14 and I fight to take the position back; but then he just vapes me down the front straight anyway.
Early next lap Joseph Palmeri collects a dirt sample outside of 3, then just three turns later Rodrigo collects his own sample in 6.
Thanks to Sidi|Motion Pro|Vortex|Carters|Shoei for the support in 2019


You guys are serious!  Nice editing job.

Good riding and some deep braking.

I hear Dani Pedrosa is available to sit in place for riders looking for an edge.  Suit him up in your gear.   :laughing
It's about taking in the most corners to your destination, not about the shortest, quickest route.


That is some intense action there.  Guess they found their limit.  Going down on turn 6 would be a fast crash.   Hope everyone was ok.
Live long and prosper \V/