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A good Shop for bikes

Started by Highlander, March 01, 2017, 08:39:57 PM

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I have two modified bikes one carbed and the other FI...the carb one I need the RS Smooth bore flat sides synced and valves checked , the other it just doesnt run right bummer deal and SPL had it once made it managable then had it again and closed. Help!
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Carb jetting isn't that difficult, except when the carbs are changed.  That can throw things off for tuning.  Have you tried Rich at Motosource?  Up until last year he was racing dirt and knows how to jet carbs.  I take my bikes for him to work on.  Great shop.  Great personable people.  Reasonable rates.
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Motosource seems to be the favorite around here. I dunno, never taken a bike to a shop.

Syncing the carbs and checking the valves is a pretty easy diy. Buy the tools you need once, then you'll never need to pay to have a shop do it again.

What does the bike that "just doesn't run right" do or not do?
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