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Started by dannysdaddy, May 10, 2014, 11:36:17 AM

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So this winter after I get to fallon I will be doing some work on the CBR.  looking at pulling the wheels, swingarm, rearsets and pass pegs to get them powdercoated.  anyone know a good place that can do it?  Looking at doing the wheels respol orange and the rest of it black.


I haven't had any powdercoating work done.  I've heard others doing it, but I don't recall where they took their parts and if they're happy with the results.
It's about taking in the most corners to your destination, not about the shortest, quickest route.


Were I work had some done and I think they got it done at Advanced powder coatings here in reno.


I had the frame of the KZ powder coated at advanced, the are in Sparks on Spice island drive.

The work was top notch.