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Started by dannysdaddy, April 22, 2014, 06:56:25 AM

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curious what yall are running for tires.  I'm running battleaxes and they seem to take a long time to heat up.  looking to change.  dont care about wear time just want a good sticky tire.  i'll replace more often if i have to..........


Try Q3s, Rosso Corsas, or Power 3s and see if you like those better.

Personally, I believe any of those modern 'hypersport' tires I listed are far more than you need on the street. A sport touring tire is plenty to take you to knee dragging-license suspending speeds in the canyons. And they last longer.

What exactly do you mean when you say "they seem to take a long time to heat up"? Are they sliding? In which part of the corner? Maybe you are just being hamfisted with the controls?
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Dub would know. :2cents

My personal experiences with the Battlax BT-021 and below were fairly good.  The exception was the front 021, which to me is more of a Harley or highway-only tire, but the rear's grip is perfectly acceptable and its durability was very good.  Lower numbered Battlax's are softer.

But then, that was eons ago when my riding style was much different.  My current set of tires are vanilla Michelin Pilot Powers.  I'm on my last set.  Magnificent dry conditions tire.  And true to form, now that I'm able to get more from my tires, I'm moving to the Pilot Road series for the bulk of my Summer riding.
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I run bt023 on the street, never had heat up issues. Check pressures, i tend to run lower than sticker.

That being said i tried bt016s before, they were garbage cold and hot imo....

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Tires..everybody has their favorite.

I run Mich(I can never spell it) Pilot Power 2ct. on the Ducati (for the street) Brian at SPL can recommend the best choice for what ever you are thinking.

The Ducati has tons of low end grunt, and I have only had a couple rear tire slides using this tire. Tire pressure is the key.

Both of those were on the track. The 2ct has a touring compound down the center, and a port compound on the sides. They are a great street tire.


mabey ill play with pressures a little more before i change tires.


I was running the Michelin pilot powers 2ct. But I switched to there new pilot power 3. And I'm liking that tire a lot right now,  I'm getting good center wear, and the side grip is great.