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Author Topic: SSA Forum Terms of Service ( TOS )  (Read 3190 times)

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SSA Forum Terms of Service ( TOS )
« on: May 02, 2010, 09:58:09 pm »
     1.The SSA Forum as an online motorcycle community - a place to share your stories of motorcycling experience with friends,
        find information, learn from seasoned riders, contact each other to organize rides and activities, and discuss the latest
        motorcycling news, products and events.
     2.We focus our attention on group rides, track days, racing, training, learning about our passion, social events, and other
        miscellaneous activities .
     3.The SSA Forum is here to provide a moderated environment in which people can interact freely with each other.  
         However the rights and responsibilities laid forth in this document govern only the interactions on
     4.All posts are considered the property of SSA, without recourse.
     1.Members will conduct themselves in a respectful manner.
     2.Members' posts should not contain malicious personal attacks, flaming, baiting, trolling, e-sniping, e-stalking, indirect
        attacks, and other such activities that are not conducive to a positive and productive environment.
     3.Personal threats will not be tolerated, and may result in a suspension, if not a perma-ban. Such posts will be acted on by
        interpretation of Moderators.
     4.When personal disputes arise between Members they will take their issues to Private Message (PM). Or when requested by
        Staff to do so.
     5.Members shall conduct themselves respectfully when in dispute with a Moderator. Verbal abuse of the volunteer staff may
        result in additional suspension.
     6.Members that post comments that are counter productive to the SSA as a club, smear or otherwise attack the site, the
        moderators, the SSA, it's members  may be subject to suspension or removal.
     7.Members should refer to other members by their Avatar name and attempt to conceal other Members' personal information.
     8.Members will not start a thread with the intent of continuing the topic of a thread that was closed or removed.
     9.Members shall not post images containing, nudity, partial nudity, sexual acts, or depiction thereof, questionable images
        should be linked and not directly visible in a thread.
    10.Graphic images depicting violence are discouraged.  Please use good judgment before including such material, perhaps include
         that in the thread title a warning: " Material may be offensive to some."
    11.SSA reserves the right to remove/move/alter content and images.
    12.Political, religious and discussions of a sexual nature are discouraged.
    13.In order to ensure that people are able to find what they're looking for it is sometimes necessary to move threads from one
        forum to another. Posts made to inappropriate forums will be relocated. Members are encouraged to post informative thread
        titles that provide other Members insight into the content. Vague thread titles are subject to editing for clarity.
    14.Threads posted about current racing results where TV coverage is imminent shall not contain information about the result
        and will have the word "SPOILER" in the title.
    15.Signatures shall not exceed 10 lines and size 2 font, and shall not contain any hidden links that can redirect, dupe or harm other
        Members. Graphics images of any size in signatures are prohibited.(1 line w/ 20pt, 2 lines at 10pt font, etc are OK)
    16.Members shall not promote their business, reference personal information, or links to competing Web sites.  Such content falls under
         the heading of SPAM and will be removed without notice.
        removed by the Moderators and an explanation will generally be provided, but not required. Repeat offenses may lead to
        suspension and/or removal. Advertisers are exempt and may post specials and/or information about their business.
    17.Any gray areas not explicitly covered within the TOS are up to the Moderators to address in a fashion protecting the
        interest of the SSA.
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