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Author Topic: How to post pics and create Web hyperlinks here & SCR  (Read 2665 times)

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How to post pics and create Web hyperlinks here & SCR
« on: July 02, 2010, 08:32:22 am »
This is best accomplished with a Web browser with TAB browsing.  That way you can have both your Photobucket/YouTube page open and your SSA POST open.  Use the Preview button often to see the results before you're finished.*

Adding pics
Upload your pics to any Web site that accepts pictures, like Photobucket, for instance.  Now that you've uploaded your pics, open another browser TAB for SSA.  When you're ready to upload your pic, go back into the other TAB, right-mouse click the picture you wish to add to your SSA post and select Copy Image Location.  Go back to the SSA TAB, place your mouse pointer where you want the pic to go, select the Insert Image tool (it will place the HTML codes to your post automatically), and paste your link. (both SSA & SCR sites work the same)

Web Hyperlinks
For Web hyperlinks, let's say this was your video >> GSXR 1000.  It's YouTube Web URL is: ht tp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLcktwhZViM  <== only without a space in HTTP.  ;)  Have to do it this for demonstration purposes, because of how our site now works with URLs.

The least difficult method for adding video hyperlinks to SSA, is to simply paste whatever video link you find to a line in your post.  That's all!  I've added a plug-in to our site that'll automatically convert the URL into its assigned picture and link it to play the video within your post. 

A lot of times the URL you copy will come with a bunch of unnecessary coding that's designed for added features withing YT's site.  But that junk will get truncated at the end once our plug-in determines all it needs for your video.  That part usually comes after the youtube.com/ domain name, like this watch?v=wLcktwhZViM  You can identify the junk, because it starts with "&" after the "watch" string.

Another way, is if you're just adding a URL hyperlink to some Web page, you might want to tie in some text, like Lookie at me on my Gixxxr, so that when someone clicks this text it launches the link to that page.
Highlight the entire URL, Copy, then go back to your SSA page, highlight the Lookie... text, then select the Insert Hyperlink tool.  It will put this: <url>Lookie at me on my Gixxxr[/url] (except URL will have brackets around it too).
Last, put an '=' after <url> so it looks like this <url=> and PASTE your YouTube URL (above) after the '=' sign.

This will be the result:  Lookie at me on my Gixxxr  (SCR's Web site adds URLs the same way you add Images, so none of this work is required)

Combining the two
If you want to get fancy, once you've added your pic, highlight it's link from beginning tag to ending tag and add a URL link to it just as you did above.  For instance, like this linked pic.

* In HTML, everything that begins, should end.  So any HTML tag that is started like <url=http://www.....> will have a corresponding </url>, where the "/" is representative of ending that HTML tag. 
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Thanks GM. I'm never sure of what I do with the Web. Thanks for he help. It's liking having you to help me all the time. ;D ;D ;D ;D
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Yeah GM, very useful and easy to read.
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