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Well I think with that contact patch so big i should be able to go around those curves faster.  Rossi was racing. I'm just blown away looking at all that contact for a rear tire.
Thanks for your input guys on this matter.  I am still just amazed at the size of the contact patch now.  Has it always been that Large?  I guess I need to pull up some shots of some on the old track days when we ran a higher tire pressure and see if the contact patch is the same.  Looking at that patch makes me think I can push the traction envelope more and be pretty safe.  I recall following Dub into turn two in 3 rd gear, not really touching the brakes.  I just hung on and followed.  Bike felt really stable.  I was worried.  But that generally comes with following a faster rider around the race track.
That's what Valentino said with 4 laps to go.

I've seen pictures of Pirelli's deforming like that before; they have a super soft carcass. If Dave said the set-up and wear was ok and Jerome likes how it rides then there's no problem.

I never check hot pressure because Dunlop specifies a pressure off the warmer at 175*. Less variables that way. Your off track temperature depends on how much force you are putting into the tire and how hot the track surface is.
Cold pressures are a good starting point, but they generally are just a guess to get you to the hot pressures. Hot pressures are what the tire needs to get up to for it to be able to function properly. To be honest, I dont check my hot pressures either. I haven't really had a problem and usually have enough grip to get around.
Maybe its just normal tire deformation... Id be interested to see what Wiles thinks.
Yo Thanks G.  After seeing my contact patch l think I'm going to go harder
Dammmm G.  How can call me fat like that.  You  sound like my Leathers asking for some relief.  I think so to. 

RedLeader. I was pitted right next to Dave Moss. He reset my suspension for me. But l saw him in the afternoon.  Maybe this pic was before that.  I didn't check my hot Temps . Very rarely do.  I really like just getting my cold temps correct. Then tyres will do what they do. And go with that. I don't run tyre warmers.  So l think that's where l should go.  I did set my tyre presure first thing in the morning.
Thats a lot of tire deformation.... To me it looks like a bit too much. I would take a look and see what your tire wear looks. Also would be good to take the bike to Dave Moss and have him take a look at everything as well if possible.
Might want to ask for hot pressures and see if your getting up to where you should be. Lot of people will get warmed up and run a hot lap, pull into the pits and check the hot pressure to see where it at. Would give you a better idea.
General Discussion / Re: Camp Fire burn map
« Last post by GreenMachine on November 27, 2018, 02:07:00 pm »
I think much of it is still just grassland that went up, but much of that stuff NE of Lake Oroville will be trees.

If only Mother Nature didn't set Fall back two weeks, none would be the wiser.  Year round fire dangers are becoming the norm.
Some of that could have to do with having three kids and a decade of couch remote surfing,
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