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Title: Trackday: Flags, Bike Preparation & Requirements
Post by: Sierra Sportbike Assn on May 10, 2010, 09:04:12 pm
These are the flags and their meanings.
CLICK HERE ( for Bike Preparation and Requirements.

Red   STOP
  Put up your left hand, pull offline and slow to a safe stop.
  Stop in a safe area, visible to corner workers.
  All vehicles must be at a complete stop before an ambulance can roll onto the track.
  Wait for instructions from corner workers before you proceed.

Yellow   Caution[/size]
   Two options- Standing yellow or Waving yellow
   They mean the same thing.  There is some sort of hazardous situation and there is NO PASSING.
   Standing yellow means to be alert.  It doesn't mean to jam on your brakes, and it doesn't mean to stop.
   Waving yellow means you are getting very close to the incident.  Be alert and don't become a part of the problem. Keep      
   moving and get out of the problem area.  

YellowRedstriped- Debris flag
   Something is on course that can cause a "traction" issue (dirt, bike parts, oil, etc)  Treat this flag as a yellow flag- NO
   PASSING, back off pace by 10% or so, and keep an eye out for the debris.

Checkered- Session is over
  Make your way around the track maintaining speed until you get around to the exit.
  Frequently people see the checkered flag at the start/finish tower and are unsure if they've overstayed their welcome. Don't    
  slam on your brakes or do anything weird.  They are just letting you know time's up, so finish up.
  The checkered flag goes up in two places, at the start/finish and at the back straight.  They mean the same thing.  Finish the
  lap you are on, maintaining speed.

Black flag-  Two meanings
  Waving- Same as checkered, session is over.  Come on in, if it's early in the session re-grid and you will probably get to go
  back out.  If it's late in the session just treat it like a checkered.

  Pointed at you specifically- Something is wrong with you or your bike.  Raise your hand, pull offline and take a look at your
  bike (don't stop moving!)  If you are leaking fluid, pull off track and wait for a mentor.  If not, continue in and talk with the
  grid marshals.  There may be something wrong with your gear or your riding.  Grid marshals will have a conversation with
  you to correct the situation and let you back out.

****Raising Your Left Arm.****
Before you do anything unexpected, whether there is bug in your helmet, contact lens issues, uncontrolled diarrhea, a pile of horse excrement on the tarmac, or pull into the pits, you first must raise your hand.

Thanks to 'Oneup' for his contributions to this post and helping me keep the message clear.