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General Info
  • Group Skill Levels
    • A = Advanced - Racer level
    • B = Intermediate - Fairly fast (B group riders have done several trackdays prior)
    • C = Novice - Slower paced group (limited or no-track experience)
    • SSA will allow riders to move skill level groups during an event but only after being assessed for safety and ability by SSA instructors. If you are unsure select the lower level and move up
  • Schedule
    • 7:00- Gates open, setup begins immediately
    • 7:15- Registration opens
    • 7:20- Tech opens
    • 8:15- Riders meeting
    • 9:00- Track open- A group
    • 9:20- B group
    • 9:40- C group sighting laps
    • 12:00- Lunch
    • 1:00- Track Reopens C group
    • 5:00- Track goes cold
  • Refunds, Cancellation & Reschedule Policy:
    • If you cancel or reschedule 14 or more days prior to your scheduled date(s) you get a full refund
    • If you cancel or reschedule between 8 to 13 days before your scheduled date(s) you will receive a prorated refund - i.e. the amount you paid less $90
    • If you cancel between 0 to 7 days before your scheduled date(s) you will forfeit your entire trackday fee
  • Rain or Shine
    • Track requirements are that we ride rain or shine, besides it doesn't usually rain all day. We'll be there ready to ride and you should plan on it. If track conditions are so bad we can't run at all you will get a rain-check to reschedule for another trackday (dependant on track refunds due to unsafe conditions). Decision is up to the track and SSA leadership. We like to ride but will not ride when it is unsafe
  • Riding Experience
    • Participants must have riding experience. We are not a first time rider course
  • Crashing
    • Our policy is that a crash will most likely end your trackday. It is not guaranteed that you are allowed back on the track after a crash. If you are cleared by onsite medical personnel and you bike passed tech inspection for safety following the incident you may be allowed to rejoin later track sessions
  • Compliance with Safety Procedures
    • Participants agree to comply with all safety procedures and track staff instructions. Failure to comply with track and paddock rules will lead to expulsion and no refund will be given
Rider Requirements
  • Minimum Age
    • You must be 18 years old to participate
  • Valid Motorcycle License
    • You must have a valid drivers license with a motorcycle endorsement
  • Experience
    • We do not require previous trackday experience. Some motorcycle experience is needed - we do not teach new rider skills
  • Insurance
    • We take precautions to make SSA trackdays safe but we cannot control everything. You rider at your own risk. The SSA does not supply insurance for you or your bike.
      The Sierra Sport Bike Association
      , LLC &   Reno Fernley Racetrack do not provide insurance coverage
      • Medical Insurance
        • You are required to have your own medical insurance coverage. It is highly recommended that you bring medical insurance card(s) with you to the event
      • Motorcycle Insurance & Accident Costs
        • In the event of an accident you are fully responsible for all costs and potential liability, including medical cost, medical transportation, medical insurance, other insurance cost of any kind, any other financial expenses that may occur (we just can't list everything). Please be prepared and be responsible for yourself and careful for others)
  • Signed Waivers
    • Sierra Sport Bike Association
    • Reno Fernley Racetrack (to be provided day of event)
Proper Riding Gear
  • Proper riding gear is needed for a safe event. If you have any questions please email us in advance to be sure your gear is adequate. We do not give refunds if you show up unprepared to ride
  • Uncrashed DOT helmet
  • One-piece or two-piece zip together leather riding suit (an Aerostitch® one-piece or equivalent zip-together nylon riding gear is acceptable in C group)
  • Minimum ankle high sturdy boots - motorcycle-specific boots are highly recommended. If your footwear is inadequate you will not be allowed to ride on the track. Any exposed laces must be taped to prevent interference with foot controls or moving parts
  • Motorcycle-specific gloves - sturdy, over the wrist, no lightweight or stunting gloves
  • Back protector is strongly recommended
  • Ear plugs are also recommended (we usually have free ones for you)
  • "Sparking" knee pucks are NOT allowed (can start fires and startle riders who think you're crashing)
Required Bike Prep
  • Tires and brakes should be in new or nearly new condition. We may not have tire vendor services at the track so plan ahead.
  • Remove or tape mirrors - Painter's tape (the blue stuff) works well & leaves no residue. The sun’s reflection can disturb you or riders behind you
  • Taping or removing brake lights and turn signals. Pulling fuses is acceptable. No light should be visible to riders behind you
  • Headlights must be taped if glass. Blue painters tape is suggested (duct tape reflects heat and leaves a residue). Hand signals to be used on the track will be reviewed and presented in the mandatory riders meeting
  • Safety wiring (this is welcome but not required)
  • Taping wheel weights required
  • Draining antifreeze and replacing it with pure water or Redline's Water Wetter® additive is recommended but is not required
Tech Inspection
  • All motorcycles and gear will be inspected for safety. Your bike and your gear MUST pass tech inspection each day before you will be allowed on the track
  • Our tech inspection is an overall inspection both visual and tactile checking for loose fittings
  • Tech Inspection includes, but is not limited to:
    • Crisp throttle return mechanism
    • Hand controls intact, with properly tightened levers and grips in good condition
    • Foot controls properly attached and nothing loose or with excessive play, with no missing boltsal for manufacturer recommendation for tension and adjust prior to event)
    • Tires in new or nearly new condition
    • Wheel weights secured with duct tape (or similar adhesive)
    • Helmets and all riders gear MUST be presented at tech inspection
  • Bikes or gear deemed to be in poor operating or otherwise unsafe condition will not be permitted on track. We can usually get you help with getting your bike to meet tech requirements
  • NO bike or rider will be allowed on the track without going through tech inspection
  • No refunds will be given for a bike that fails tech inspection or a rider without the required riding gear
  • We are serious folks – a properly prepped bike and gear are required. No exceptions